About Us

The Guatemala Project is a 501(C)(3) Non-Profit Organization based in Iowa, USA. Dedicated to bettering the lives of Guatemalan citizens of limited means, The Guatemala Project works exclusively with the Guatemalan organization, ImagininGUATEmala, primarily in the areas of shelter, food security, health services and educational support.
Shelter: Provides housing that is safe, weather resistant and sustainable, for who do not have the means.
Food Security: Works to bring much needed food to areas and neighborhoods where hunger is a major issue.
Health Services: Brings medical, dental, and other services to the people, primarily children, are most in need.
Educational Support: Seeing an additional need, the Guatemala Project now supports the education of the children by aiding in providing resources necessary for school attendance including books, uniforms and other supplies.

To accomplish these tasks, the Guatemala Project focuses their efforts on three areas:

1) Recruiting service-based teams of people from the USA and other countries to travel to Guatemala to provide hands-on improvement for the people of Guatemala.

2) Providing opportunities to financially support families through sponsorship. The resources provided goes to providing what is needed for a particular family of limited means.

3) Seeking one-time monetary donations to meet the significant organizational needs of ImagininGUATEmala and to fill in the gaps where other financial means may lack.


Board of Directors

The Guatemala Project is led by a dedicated volunteer Board of Directors, each responsible for various duties, that meets on a regular basis to conduct the business of the organization.
Kathy McCue - President

Kathy McCue - President

Lisa Hebl

Lisa Hebl - Treasurer


Gina Walsh - Secretary


James Burke - Service Teams


Cathy Fuller - Publicity


Mark Fuller - Technology

Kathy McCue, President: Kathy is the President of The Guatemala Project. Kathy followed Lisa’s guide and took her first high school Service Team to Guatemala in 2006. She fell in love with the incredible countryside and the beautiful people and never looked back. Kathy is a retired teacher from Regina High School in Iowa City and a mother of four adult children.  She continues to work 'poco en poco' on learning Spanish!

Lisa Hebl, Treasurer: Lisa has been doing Service Work in Guatemala for over a decade. A professor of Dental Hygiene, Lisa continues to lead the Study Abroad Service Team from Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and her knowledge of Central America and her passion exude as you see her work with the teams and the people.

Gina Walsh, Secretary: Gina has spent two weeks in Guatemala during January 2015. She first became passionate about helping families and children in Guatemala when a friend and co-worker traveled to Guatemala in 2012, and immediately became involved with The Guatemala Project. She is always looking for ways to help the poorest families in Guatemala, including returning to Guatemala with a Service Team in the summer of 2019.

James Burke, Service Teams: James is a Spanish Teacher at Washington High School in Cedar Rapids, IA. He first became interested in Spanish and accompanying Social Justice Issues at St. John's University  (MN) and while working with the United Farm Workers Movement in California. James is excited to partner with the Guatemala Project to expose people of all ages to the hardship and beauty of Guatemala.

Cathy Fuller, Publicity: Cathy first began her work when joining a Service Team from Kirkwood Community College in 2012, and this is where her love for the people and the beauty of Guatemala began. She has returned multiple times including leading service teams of her own in 2016 and 2018. She retired from Kirkwood where she was a Department Coordinator, and now follows her passion for volunteering, and enjoying her family's activities.

Mark Fuller, Publicity/Technology: Having a long history of service to others, Mark's interest in Guatemala began when his saw the passion from his mother, Cathy. He has joined Service Teams in Guatemala twice, most recently in 2018. After graduating with a Bachelor's Degree from Simpson College in Indianola, Iowa, Mark is currently a co-owner of a production and entertainment company where he is primarily responsible for their day-to-day marketing efforts.